Blue planet 2


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Blue planet is about showing life in the oceans made by David attenborough which are way deeper than before . there are homelands with starfish in and many more ther are shoots of the sea where waves are corrupting the land .People go into the sea and do clips of abandoned things under the sea which start coming up to the top of the water and then they use them for there shoot .

Welsh superstar misses World Cup qualifiers


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The Real Madrid /Welsh football ace , will miss the World Cup qualifiers against Georgia and the Republic of Ireland with a calf strain. They are really important matches as Wales are trying to get into second place in their group. That would earn them a two-game play-off match which, if they won, could get them to their first World Cup since 1958.Bale, who’s scored four goals so far in this qualifying campaign, joined the Wales squad on Monday and, despite sitting out training, it had been hoped he would be fit.


But the 28-year-old’s injury means he will not travel to Georgia. Wales haven’t won a match without the Real Madrid forward since 2013, drawing three and losing three matches when he’s not playing. The Barnsley striker Tom Bradshaw has been called up to the Wales squad in his place.

Bale hobbled off during Real Madrid’s win over Borussia Dortmund last week, in which he scored a stunning volley, with a calf strain and consequently missed this weekend’s win over Espanyol.

Aguero car crash


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Hello visitors,

Last week Manchester city striker Sergio Aguero suffered a car crash coming back from a car crash in a taxi. He broke his rib and according to Argentina medical coach he will be out for 6 weeks.Due to this event he will miss out on the final world cup qualifiers for Argentina he’s already missed 1 premier league match and due to this injury.

the cute pomeranian jif


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Jiff, a Pomeranian from Los Angeles, USA won fans in 2014 for an unusual talent.

Despite having four legs, Jiff prefers to get around on just two – he stands up on his back legs, or balances on his front, like a handstand.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s speedy as well! He can travel five metres in just under eight seconds on his front paws, and is even quicker on his hind legs, doing the same distance in less than seven seconds! Jif is now one of the most popular dogs on social media such as intagram and youtube if you want to follow jif on social media his name goes under jifpom you can see his amazing pictures and videos .

Cheeky red pandas!


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2 baby brother red pandas have had there first checkup at the vets. They were born at Denver zoo on the 27th of August 2017 and they are so cute!

Go and check them out on news round!

comment down below to see for yourself!

Las Vegas Attack!


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Las Vegas Attack

As some of you might already know, unfortunately there has been a shooting in Las Vegas. After this sorrowful attack people in America are dependent on whether guns can still be legal without a license. People in America are permitted to earn a gun without permission. They have shops that sell guns! As we know, in England nobody is allowed to own a gun unless they have a significant reason to. This is why shootings are more liable to happen in America.

Despairingly, over 59 innocent people have been killed at a concert and over 500 people have been severely injured. This concert was held outside and the man, with over 12 rifles, was standing in a high block of flats when he attempted to use all of his guns to kill the petrified, innocent people.

Soon after  the attack, police arrived at the concert and had confirmed that the suicidal shooter was dead. The gunman has been identified as a local resident, they don’t know the reason of the attack, however they can confirm that it is not part of any terrorists group. Large parts of the places around have been locked for safety.

The U.S President Donald Trump has named the shooting as ‘Pure Evil’. Mr Trump has confirmed that he will visit Las Vegas on Wednesday.

I went to see motorbike racing!


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On Saturday 29th September me and my dad went to watch some motorbike racing. We were invited by my one of my dad’s friends who gave us two tickets to go. It was good because it was a couple of weeks after the 11 plus so it was kind of a treat for doing that. The bikes flew past and it was really good to watch. I really enjoyed this day out and it was a great experience to see.


New type of Jurassic dinosaur crocodile is discovered!


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A new prehistoric sea monster has been discovered – after one of its fossils spent almost 150 years sitting in a museum.The ancient reptile is called Ieldraan Melkshamensis, or the Melksham Monster, after the Wiltshire town where the fossil was originally found. 

The Natural History Museum has owned/kept the fossil. Ever since 1875. Surprisingly, the fossil sat in its archives. Until a closer look revealed it held information about the new dinosaur – a distant relative of today’s crocodile!

The ancient dino crocodile was 10ft-long with strong jaws and serrated teeth that allowed it to feast on large prey, such as prehistoric squid.

One large sea monster!

Dinosaur experts at the University of Edinburgh investigated the fossil, and used the monster’s distinctive skull, lower jaw and teeth to identify it as a new species, from the Jurassic era – that’s 145 to 200 million years ago.

Dr Steve Brusatte, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “The Melksham Monster would have been one of the top predators in the oceans of Jurassic Britain, at the same time that dinosaurs were thundering across the land.”

lawn mower racing !!!!!!!!!!!


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Recently in 2017 , a thew people have been taking part in a new sport that goes by the name of lawn mower racing. Many people believe that this sport is dangerous , however the majority of the people who take part in the sport like it and recommend it to people.

In lawn mower racing there is a track of mud and a lot of people racing on lawn mowers. The sport can be mistaken for a popular sport go carting.

Would you do lawn mower racing?

let me know in the comments.

The Las Vegas attack !


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America is not a surprise to be allowed to use or hold guns . How dangerous could that be ? The Las Vegas attack was a shooting scene during a concert . A lovely nurse had sacrificed her own life to save a lot of others . Americans are now deciding whether they should band guns or at least the most dangerous ones . Also they are discussing if gun controls should be banned as well. Now you know why this blog is so important .

Thank you for reading this blog !