What happnes with old pound coins? By Emily


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After the 15th of October you will no longer be able to use the old pound coins.  So what happens with them? The coins are put into a super hot furnise and melted back into liquid.  After that they go to a machine that shapes the coin and prints on the face of the queen on one side and another pattern on the other side.

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Wow, I never knew that the coins were put into a super hot furnace machine to then be melted into liquid. I’m so amazed.

+ This is a really interesting topic as it is quite intriguing that they are stopping it now .

? How did you know this story?

– > Please can you get more information.

+ That is really interesting, I never knew that before!
? What happens to the old ten and five pound notes?
Next time you could explain about it a little bit more.

+This is an interesting topic.

?What patterns are printed onto the coins?

->Maybe you could add some more to your post.

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